Garmin Nuvi 50 Review

In this Garmin Nuvi 50 review we will explain how this sat nav offers way too much for an amazing low price. High price and loads of fascinating features have been the iconic identity of Garmin sat nav devices. But this one, the Nuvi 50, is a step ahead, not with the price tag, but with a box full of great features at a reasonable price, that would keep its users happy and satisfied for possessing it.

A Quick Overview of this Large Screened Sat-Nav:

The device is well suited for rough usage and handling, though not super sturdy and unbreakable. The 5″ screen is big enough compared to its other rivals in the market. Also the display is clear, bright, and can be easily viewed in direct sunlight. With a very clear and easy to use interface, the device is packed with important and indispensable features like lane guidance, and road intersection views.

A very interesting feature of the Nuvi 50 is its clear and distinguishable menu and icons. All icons and sub menus are labeled or accompanied with tool tips to make their usage and purpose clear before the users. Also the icons are not cluttered together and are big enough to make all the information clear for your eyes. Similarly clear and presentable is the map. A new feature included in the software is an easy swipe access to more icons from the menu screen.

In an attempt to keep the price of the product low compared to other Garmin sat navs, it has loaded the device with only such features which are actually needed in a satellite navigation system. Extra features that make the device’s software heavy and unnecessarily raise the unit’s price are deliberately eliminated. Examples are the simple and ordinary body case, absence of Bluetooth and hands-free features, no live-traffic notices, and much more. The car mount is separate in Nuvi 50, it does not ship with the gadget.

The Nuvi 50 Features:

What adds to the actual useful functionality of the device is its huge list of 5 million POIs (points of interest). This actually serves the users, as they can get to their choice of POI, with just one click on the device. 5 million means a very big database, and it includes all the important places like gas stations, police stations, hospitals, doctor’s clinics, schools, restaurants, shopping malls etc.

The fundamental navigation systems are similar to other Garmin sat nav devices. The main menu has two simple icons, one that goes to the map, and another for setting up the route. There are additional smaller icons, each directing to features like, volume control, settings, help menu etc.

Pulling up addresses from keywords like city, street, post code and house number is very easy with the Nuvi 50. One very useful feature which is not present in its rivals, the Tomtom devices, is the searching of an address through the street name. You can enter any street name of the country, and it will pull out the address and route from its database. Moreover, you can save your last visited locations in it, so that navigation through those addresses and routes is easy at one click. If you visit a route frequently, you can store it in the list of favorites to access as and when required.

The maps in the device are only of UK and Ireland, thus it is not equipped with the world map for international traveling. Yet you can configure it to use as a world traveler also. There is a microSD card slot in the gadget. There you can add more memory or add downloaded maps, to add to the database of the device. There is free memory of 1.4 GB in it, which also is good room to fit a few downloaded maps without the need of an SD card.

The Garmin Nuvi 50 Review says that it has an excellent safety alert system that includes voice warnings, and loud and clear voice commands. The road and route names over the map are big and clearly legible. The device uses the ‘WhereIs’ maps system and has strong alert system for red light cameras, which were proven to be very effective during testing. Like other Garmin devices, this one also has a bias for the main roads with relatively heavy traffic than the interior smaller routes with less traffic volume.

Road intersections and the lane assistance functions are the best in all Garmin devices, and this one is no exception. Busy roads, the surroundings of roads, road junctions, and road signs are all shown in exactly the same way as they are in reality. The ‘eco-route’ feature present in other Garmin devices, is not here, to keep the functionality lighter and keep the cost down.

The Pros:

– It has a large 5 inch screen
– The interface is easy to use and very user friendly
– Good voice command system that enables text to speech communication easy
– Maps are colorful, clear, and with distinct view

The Cons:

– Graphics and texts appears pixilated and jagged, though legible on a closer look
– The box doesn’t contains the USB sync cable, and the dashboard mounting disc


The common sat navs available in market are all small screened, thus making the 5″ big screened device a hot favorite among frequent travelers. It is problematic for the users to view small mounted screens while driving. Its big screen, clear and bright display, and the touch screen are gaining popularity among car users. Definitely to keep the price low, the company had to cut down the optional features which are not a must for the sat nav gadgets. They only focused on the most important aspects that make a sat nav popular among both novice and advanced users. Keeping all important navigation features there, and making the screen size an attractive 5″, with a very reasonable price tag, and the promise of durability and high quality from Garmin; the device, as per the Garmin Nuvi 50 Review, is a nice buy for users who just intend to buy a simple to use sat nav system.